Patch Notes Stable Update 1.0.149974

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Patch Notes Stable Update 1.0.149974

Post by Faz » Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:24 pm

Hello Survivors, we have a new Stable Patch incoming. This one brings a small Xmas update, we don't want to spoil the details. :) There are also some important fixes in this patch, so let us know when you experience issues. Patchnotes ADDED
  • Added: Xmas
  • Fixed: H7 light box is now openable again.
  • Fixed: Client crash
  • Fixed: Rpm can sometimes go below zero
  • Fixed: Hit registration
  • Fixed: Penetration of objects inside bushes can stop projectile or decrease its speed
  • Fixed: Synchronization of quick bar action client to server
  • Tweaked: Server browser (loading should be much faster)
  • Tweaked: Improvements to server performance
  • Tweaked: Fire geometry for some objects
  • Tweaked: Kazuar optics parameters
  • Server crashes can cause a persistence wipe. So especially for server owners, try to work with regular persistence backups and if you encounter server crashes, report with your crash dumps to our Feedback Tracker. If you have any proven reproduction steps for persistence wipes, let us know. The team is working on a long-term solution, which unfortunately will take some time.
  • Upon first spawning in with an old character, it can suffer from bleedings. You might have to bandage multiple times to stop the bleeding.
  • Heavy melee attacks are not working.

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