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Quick Information About This Server

Post by Faz » Sun Dec 23, 2018 8:32 am

So we plan to keep this plain vanilla with no client side mods, the reason for this is so that we can attract the players that like the game with the standard game settings so the players have to put the work in to get what they want. Also new players to the game that do not know how to install the mods will come here first to play the game. The server is also on a full Day time so that we can get as many new players established as we can but again the aim is to once popular is to have the server go from twilight to twilight or even full moon if that gets added on a 24 hour cycle.

My goal is to get this server busy before we get up the mod server, running a mod server will take much more work to run, keeping the mods updated bug finding and filling the server, I would install mods on this server but would still like to keep the feel of dayz buy not giving the players everything but just adding new things for them to find and play with

Mods Currently Installed on the DAYZ VANILLA SERVER
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